Anonymous sent: would you be okay with someone cosplaying your kevin design?

of course I’m okay with it!!
I support this 10000000%

Anonymous sent: I'm sorry about your cacti bb. It'll be okay eventually uvu


Anonymous sent: I have never ever seen the name Carolyn with a y before and I saw it in the cute little cactus comic and wow it's just such a beautiful name like just reading it in my head it is just such a beautiful smooth sounding wonderful name it's amazing

THIS IS SO SWEET WOW thank you for liking my name???

also can I just say the comments on the cactus comic post are literally the nicest, most encouraging comments I’ve ever seen on one of my posts like thank you all so much ;o;

and all the little personal anecdotes people are adding in the tags of their own cactus horror/love stories it’s so cute you guys are so nice haha

kvech sent: I saw your name was Carolyn and I was like, "wow that's my name and its even spelled the same way and everything" And then I saw you go by Caro whereas I go by Lyn and idk I thought that was cool. Have a great day.

Have a good day too, name twin!

I apparently have a Problem
high resolution →

I apparently have a Problem

Anonymous sent: I love your art! I just followed and am not in the least disappointed!

thank you! enjoy your stay! 

Anonymous sent: For your mobile set up of your blog makes me laugh every time.

I’m so glad somebody noticed oh my god
I changed it the other day and it was gonna be all serious and stuff but then I noticed their positions and it was just 

Anonymous sent: In your Emofuri Neckmouth Kevin, can you animate the neckmouth as well? Because it'd be creepy cool to see a tongue darting around down there because neckmouth. I love neckmouth.

I’m sure there is a way, but my emofuri knowledge is terrible so I just popped it into photoshop and did it that way

some ask responses!!

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can you imagine him trying to sell any product though

teripops sent: Strex Paste! Shiny teeth for face and neck, keeps your breath as fresh as heck!



Don’t forget to floss your neck mouth!

I used emofuri!
Here’s a post about it

also here’s a link to a blog that has a ton of tutorials on how to use it!
The program is a little tricky because it’s in Japanese but once you figure out the basics (like how to install/import PSDs/ etc) it’s kind of fun!

imagethank you!!
dream of sweet sweet kevins frolicking through fields of gore

ALSO thanks anon!! I laughed because like….. I never draw kevin nearly as blood soaked as he is in canon……………so I felt the need to attempt to be semi-accurate for once.

I literally keep separate art folders for “clean kevin” and “desperately in need of tide-to-go kevin”………the thing is that I don’t usually post my uh….wet kevins.

I went back and imported the bloodsoaked version

emofuri is terrifying



Switcharound meme with saltysalmonella and harlequinpants!  If you’ve never done a switcharound meme before, I highly recommend it, as it forces you out of your artistic comfort zone and teaches great collaboration skills. Salty and Caro are fantastic artists and it was a pleasure working with them!

Who did what is in the captions, and below:

Top Row: Sketch - Caro / Lines - Salty / Color - Hannah

Middle Row: Sketch - Salty / Lines - Hannah / Color - Caro

Bottom Row: Sketch - Hannah / Lines - Caro / Color - Salty